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Brief History


NSYSU is the first comprehensive university in the southern Taiwan region of Kaohsiung City, and, Pingtung County. The College of Social Sciences had a later start than the other colleges on campus, established in 1995. Under the leadership of former deans Ying-rong Hong, Dun-mo Hong, Ying-yaw Cheng, Ying-chung Huang, Chih-ning Wu, Wen-cheng Lin, and current dean Chyi-Lu Jang, the College has continued to build its reputation. These efforts have been recognized by Taiwan’s academic community. 

Over the years, the College of Social Sciences has produced many outstanding scholars. By 2014, the total number of graduates was 3,414, (520 undergraduates, 1,677 full-time masters, 1,047 part-time masters, and 170 doctorates). Our graduates have performed excellently in their subsequent endeavors in the civil service, academia, business industry, society, and in the cultural sectors. The College’s faculty members and graduates have played an important role in Taiwan’s democratization and modernization.