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International Students

NSYSU has a cosmopolitan graduate community, with students from all over the world making a valuable and active contribution to our academic and social life. Our College of Social Sciences strives to offer opportunities for advanced degrees to students from abroad. Since 2006, students from more than 18 countries in the world have participated in the degree programs offered by the five institutes and one department housed by the College of Social Sciences. It is our desire to provide students with more avenues of research, as well as a wider perspective, through a diverse cultural environment and unique education methods.

As a result, we currently dedicate ourselves to achieving internationalization through the following efforts:

  • Strengthening exchange programs with existing partner universities, and encourage students to participate in international activities by creating a multilingual environment and promoting study abroad programs
  • Continuing to cultivate the establishment of double-degree programs with international universities.
  • Continuing to invite more distinguished international scholars as visiting professors to the College for teaching or collaborative research with its research members